Ninja Proxy  

Ninja Proxy is a free online service that serves as a anonymous web proxy. By using the services of NinjaProxy you have the ability to be able to access your favorite sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Myspace freely and without restriction, even when your internet connection is blocked by a firewall in a less friendly.

Privacy is obviously an important thing for you, and with NinjaProxy you can browse the web anonymously to maintain your privacy. Information about you when visiting a website such as IP address, geographical information, web browser, and other personal information can be hidden from the web server because you as an anonymous user.

You should know that browsing on the internet anonymously is safe. Using ninjaproxy not require the addition of a device or other program to be added on your computer. When browsing online likely infected with a virus, tojan, and various other dangers certainly exist, but need not be concerned with using ninjaproxy as a web filter that you have protection against anonymous web you visit. works as an anonymous web server is to handle each request web address you want to visit and enjoy the full comfort with this freeproxy. Start browsing anonymously by entering a web address in the form below. Enjoy NinjaProxy that different than before, control your online data with safe secure anonymous web browsing from NinjaProxy.
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